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Postcards are a Fast and Affordable way to Reach Customers and Prospects.... more

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Top 10 Reasons Newsletters & Direct Mail Are Great for Automotive Promotions
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What Every Car Dealer Should Know

Mailing List of 118 Million owners by make/model...

Family Dealerships
there's a good chance your name is on the door... more

Dealer Groups
have the advantage of Economics of Scale... more

can partner with their dealers to get maximum ROI with direct mail... more

Automotive Direct Mail

Direct Mail is the BEST Automotive Advertising

Direct mail sells new cars, used cars, parts & service – and builds customer relationships.

LOOKING FOR PROSPECTS? We now have access to over 178 MILLION records of verified auto owners, and we can take your in-house list and merge/purge it against the purchased list so that you only purchase names you don't currently own.  

Whether you send your customers a newsletter, service reminder, postcard or new car announcement, direct mail allows you to target your customers and prospects by their lifestyle, their current car, and just about any demographic you can think of.  

Direct mail is fast,  affordable, and allows you to pinpoint your audience and get your message into the hands of prospects --- without waste.  And while the Shelby Act curtailed automotive direct mail initially, smart marketers are using lists that are compliant, yet still deliver owners of the cars they are targeting.

To discuss your needs, call Sherry McKinley at (800) 828-7198 or email

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If you're looking for a company that understands automotive direct mail AND the car business, you've come to the right place. We've worked for local car dealerships as well as international manufacturers... more

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